Original Artwork for Resale

Often, it's hard to explain, to put your finger on it.  But, there it is, that piece of artwork you just had to have is now, well, something you've fallen out of love with.  As artists and collectors ourselves, we understand that sometimes, for a variety of reasons, collectors want to sell artworks they no longer wish to own.

This is just how Dubaigne Fine Art came into being, as a venue that actively markets those pieces of original artwork that need a new, good, loving home.   After all, art is eternal, and should be passed on to enrich as many lives as possible.

And keep in mind that there are no listing fees for anyone who works with us, artists, collectors or galleries. If we succeed in selling one of your works, we'll charge a 25% commission. Simple as that.

We think we've achieved a balanced process which protects everyone. Whether you're a collector, artists or dealer, you control what goes up and what comes down. If you sell something on the site, we'll take the image down, no questions asked.

So whether you're a collector, painter, sculptor, illustrator, photographer or gallery, join us at Dubaigne Fine Art.

To purchase or make an offer for any work throughout the site, email cd@dubaigne.com.  Be sure to include the artist's name and artwork's name.